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My motorcycle licence

Pre learner

To protect our staff and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, some services have been temporarily suspended, which may affect services detailed on this page. Please visit for information or call 13 10 84 for assistance.

If you are planning to learn to ride a motorcycle, read through The Rider's Handbook. The handbook contains important information about riding techniques, how to cope with hazards and some road rules for motorcyclists.

You can become a safer rider though acquiring the necessary skills and understating of the road environment.

Heads up!

When starting out you must not ride on a road or road related area until you have completed your training and been issued with a learner's permit.

Applying for a motorcycle licence

If you're after a motor bike licence, you'll need to attend Rider Safe training courses, plus ride a learner approved motorcycle.

Check out the The Rider's Handbook for detailed info on learning how to ride safely.

For more information go to Motorcycle Licences.

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