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Safe driving tips

Move smart

Having access to a car provides opportunities to travel in a whole new way, but it is useful to remember that driving might not always be the best option for your particular trip.

Walking and cycling give us a chance to keep our options open and stay fully mobile. Active travel can also help us avoid congestion, stay fit and is often quicker particularly for shorter journeys. For longer trips, the bus, train or tram could be a cheaper or more convenient option, particularly as you don’t have to think about parking.

So before grabbing the car keys, think about whether there is another way to travel that might suit you better. Here are some tips to help save you time and money while making the most of your travel choices.

Walk or cycle instead?

There are so many benefits to walking and cycling - whether you are meeting friends at the park or in town, going to the local shops, commuting to study or work, or just wanting to get outside. Staying active keeps you truly mobile, giving you real flexibility to be where you want when you want.

There are lots of tools, maps  and apps to help you keep safe, choose a suitable route and monitor your calorie burn.

  • Bike SA organise FREE rides to help people settle into the saddle. A great way to feel safe and socialise. They also offer free bike hire and safety information as well as training for individuals.
  • The Cycle Instead Journey Planner helps you customise your route including options for finding separated cycle routes or those with the least traffic. The route summary shows you the travel time, calories burned and CO2 saved.
  • The Cycle Instead - mobile version also offers a number of recommended rides for you and your cycle tribe.
  • Walking and Cycling Maps are available for the Adelaide metro area.
  • Your local council may also have its own community walking or cycling map.
  • Find out if a work or cycle to work could help you discover historic Adelaide.
  • See Map My Walk for some walking trails in Adelaide and beyond.
  • Maps for other suburbs from are available from Service SA Customer Service Centres or can be ordered by emailing
  • Find maps of some great South Australian cycle trails here.
  • Find maps of South Australian walking trails here.

Will public transport work for me?

Your options for public transport, including park and ride, and information on route maps, timetables, fares and concessions depends on where you are:

Your local council might have a community bus or public transport options.

Do I really need to make this trip?

As fuel prices rise, the cost of travel becomes an ever bigger concern. You can make savings by trying to get as many things done with each car trip you take. Maybe you can plan your next trip to the shops on the way back from work, school or university.

Access to a car is great, but choosing not to use it all the time says a lot about your independence and the things you care about.

Moving with style

Walking and cycling gives you so many opportunities to express yourself and be seen. The way you walk, the type of bike you have and the places you go all help to show that you are the kind of person that likes to move smart.

  • Walking is a great chance to show off your style and there are so many ways to express yourself on two wheels. No need for lycra, try a web search of images for "cycle fashion" and "cycle fashion helmets" you'll soon get the idea.
  • A search online will help you find all kinds of stylish cycle clothing and accessories.

Fit and healthy

Keeping active shows that you care about your health and can often set an example for others to follow. Adding walking or cycling to your travel routine shows that you are an independent person that is conscious of the choices you make.

Keeping it local

Choosing active travel by bike or on foot helps you to ‘keep it local’ as you get to know your surroundings and support your neighbourhood shops, parks and services. Have a look at your local community and council websites to see all the facilities and events that are on offer.

Save the planet

Choosing to walk or cycle is not just for environmentalists and it shows you care! The Cycle Instead Journey Planner helps you work out the CO2 savings for trips without your car.

Socialise on the move

  • Active travel gives you a chance to mix with a whole new crowd.  Bike SA offer over 2000 FREE rides each year for anyone interested in cycling – whatever your level.
  • What cycle tribe could you take part in? Click here to see a large number of different groups that ride across Adelaide.

The health benefits of walking and cycling are well known. Getting out a few times a week not only saves you money on your travel and gym costs but can also make you feel great. The chart below shows the calories you could burn.

Calorie Burn Chart*

10 mins

20 mins

1 hour

Cycling for leisure <16kph




Cycle commuting > 16kph (moderate effort)




Walking moderate pace <5kph




Walking at a brisk pace >6kph












This information was collected from and relates to a person weighing approximately 70kgs. It is only a general guideline. Actual amounts of calorie burn will vary depending on your body weight, your muscle tone, technique, and existing fitness level.  See the site to get more accurate information.                                              

As a comparison, here are some calories in some standard food and drinks:



1 slice of take away pizza




Glass of wine


Can of soft drink


Data sourced from Calorie King

Wanting to expand your network? Getting active is a great way to express yourself and move in a whole new circle. In Adelaide, about 10% more people are commuting by bike every year on a metropolitan bike network that covers 1,129kms and counting.

  • Find out if your place of work or study has recommended walking or cycling routes or groups that like to travel in together.
  • Bike SA offer over around 2000 FREE rides every year across South Australia, suitable for all levels.
  • For active leisure you could also find other cycling or walking clubs across South Australia.

Leave the car behind and you can really let your hair down!

  • Before you go out, think about how you are going to get home.
  • If you’re heading out, talk to your friends and work out the safest way to travel.
  • Take the chance to get into the party mood and travel with others there and back when you can.
  • If where you’re going is close by, meet up with others and walk together.
  • Check to see if public transport is an option.
  • If your big night out is further off the beaten track, arrange to carpool with a nominated sober driver.

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