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    In a 110km/h speed zone it will take approximately 1km to safely overtake a B-double truck that is travelling at 100km/h.

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    Around 30% of all crashes are rear-end crashes - watch your distance.

safe driving tips

Driving involves risk and safe drivers aim to reduce and manage their risk by making good decisions and taking responsibility for their behaviour when driving.

Safe driving tips - Safer speeds

Safer speeds

Speed is a key factor in crashes and road trauma. Exceeding the speed limit increases the likelihood of a crash.
Safe driving tips - Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs

Don't mix driving with alcohol or drugs (including medicine). To avoid the risks plan ahead.
Safe driving tips - Driver fatigue


Fatigue is often ranked as a major factor in causing road crashes. Driver fatigue is particularly dangerous because one of the symptoms is decreased ability to judge your own level of tiredness.
Safe driving tips - Mobile phones

Mobile phones

Using a mobile phone while driving impairs your driving performance through distraction and increases the risk of crashing by at least four times.
Safe driving tips - Dangerous behaviours

Dangerous behaviours

Inattention and driving with attitude are just two dangerous driving behaviours that place the safety of you and other road users at risk.
Safe driving tips - Safer vehicles

Safer vehicles

Buying a car, whether it's for you or your child, is a big responsibility. Driving a car that has recognised safety features and a high safety rating is an essential aspect in ensuring safer travel on our roads.
Safe driving tips - Country driving

Country driving

Before you drive in the country make sure you and your car are prepared. Be aware of fatigue and revise the road rules.
Safe driving tips - Sharing the road

Sharing the road

All road users should know their responsibilities and respect the rights to safety of all who share our roads. This includes pedestrians, scooters and skaters, cyclists, horses and heavy vehicles.
Safe driving tips - Driveway safety

Driveway safety

Tragically one child, often a toddler, is run over in their driveway every week in Australia. These safety tips will help keep your family safe.
Safe driving tips - Breakdown safety

Breakdown safety

Remember to slow down and be cautious if you see flashing amber hazard lights on the side of the road.
Safe driving tips - Know when to cross the line

Know when to cross the line

Stay safe around trains and trams.
Safe driving tips - Medical fitness to drive

Medical fitness to drive

Learn about the fitness to drive requirements in South Australia.
My car licence - Older drivers

Older drivers

Older drivers are generally safe, experienced and careful however they are much more likely to be severely injured or killed in a crash, due to their age.
My car licence - Move smart

Move smart

Keep your travel options open, stay flexible and move smart!

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