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The Driving Companion

Vehicle check

  • You may drive a motor vehicle only of the class that is stated on the Learner's Permit.
  • The motor vehicle, when driven on any public road or public place, must be registered and have third party (bodily injury) insurance.
  • The motor vehicle must have 'L' plates (see page 5) clearly displayed to the front and to the rear and must not obstruct the Learner's or the accompanying Qualified Supervising Driver's view.
  • The motor vehicle must be roadworthy (see diagram below).
  • Tyres must have clearly visible tread pattern of at least 1.5mm in depth on all parts that come in contact with the road
  • Your vehicle must be registered.  The registration expiry date can be checked by
    • telephoning 13 10 84 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday,
    • going to;
    • or by using an EzyReg smartphone app.

    Note: Attention to the items shown before attending the test will avoid the need for the test to be postponed and another booking made.

  • vehicle check



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